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Well-Vu digital Cameras

Detachable Camera Heads

Detachable Camera Head

(Model #: WV-CP)

The standard for all Well-Vu digital cameras is the detachable camera head making service and repair much simpler. This new digital camera head incorporates the latest technology video chip from Sony providing the highest quality image possible.

Quad Plus Camera

(Part #: WV-QVFE)

The newest camera of the 21st Century, one camera for standard down view use, four opposing cameras for NON-STOP SIDE VIEW inspection. The QUAD PLUS will reduce time needed for side view inspection by 90%, making old technology of pan and tilt, and rotating camera heads from the 20th Century obsolete. No more stopping and rotating, consuming hours and days on deep wells.

Quad Plus Camera
Here is a screen capture of the Quad Plus inspecting a well. All four lenses work together to provide a full 360° view. The Quad Plus is the first of it's kind.

Fisheye Camera

Model #: WVQD-Fisheye

Camera has 180° lens which shows twice as much detail as a standard lens. This allows for viewing the sidewalls as well as down the well all at the same time. This camera can be attached to almost all previous models.