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Well-Vu Camera System Accessories

The following vision system accessories can be used with our Well-Vu systems.

Drive Plate Kit
Model #: DPK

This kit is only available for 300 and 500 foot models. It bolts to the side of a manual spool. It allows for connection of a cordless drill which is used to perform the winding of the cable.

Drive Plate Kit




Connects to cable and camera. Centers camera in well.


Carrying Case
Model #: WVHC

Custom fitted durable case fits 300/500 models (HC1). Fits 700' & 1000' models (HC2).


On-Screen Display
Model #: OSD

Feet or meters display. On-screen footage display. Accurate readings to 1/10 of a foot (Casing Clamp Included).

Camera Support Bracket